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Sassy Badger Dragon Ball Z Training to beat Goku or at least Krillin

Hi guys and girls, lads and ladies.

After months of sourcing and working hard to get you the latest and coolest products, we’re happy to announce our new Apparel range. It is a combination of men’s and women’s wear, with a mix of cool unisex t-shirts thrown into the mix.

The range consists of our favourite shows and a few choice items like the double layered neck hooded jacket¬†you must check out. For the lads, we’ve got long sleeves, coats, jackets and even a snazzy vest for your more dress up occasions. For the ladies, we’ve got a range of vintage A-line dresses with a selection of brightly coloured prints. We’ve also got selection of t-shirts for those who just want a wear something on a throw back sort of day.

We’ve got shirts for Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and even a bit of Big Bang Theory mixed in as well. Of course, we must also mention our Walking Dead + Toy Story mash ups and Star Wars + Pokemon combos. You must check them out for their creatively geekiness.

And that’s it for this update guys. We’re in the process of adding new things to the store so watch this space for more things to come.



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