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Well, it appears we now have our first post. Hello and welcome. For the next wee while, we’re going to trial a weekly round up of awesome things around the interwebs and whatever we feel like writing. We shall speak our mind and (hopefully) bring you something amusing/interesting to read.

So let us begin – the week in review.

Star Wars is a major hit and with show times available left, right and center, it looks like the cultic space battle won’t be leaving the silver screen any time soon. Racking in more than a billion dollars and now border-lining the $2 billion mark, the movie has surpassed Jurassic World.

The question is – will it surpass Avatar’s $2.78 billion box office? It just seems like a battle of mega blockbuster directors.

No. It is a battle between mega blockbuster directors.

James Cameron sits in the far right corner with his Terminators and Aliens. J.J. Abrams on the other hand, sits on the opposite end with Mission Impossibles, Star Treks and of course, Star Wars, just to name drop a few series. Looking at their profiles, it almost seems as if they’re both trying to out-do one another by making bigger and grander movies each time.

J.J. Abrams may be taking more punches right now with the post-production of Star Trek – another sci-fi series with its own cult following, both young and old. But that’s a while away. July to be more exact. It seems almost silly to compete with yourself in this area of intergalactic battles, spaceships, aliens and hot chicks.  But that’s not the only J.J.Abrams has been up to. Due to release in March is a much smaller and most likely lower key movie called Valencia. Although Abrams didn’t quite direct this one, the man has been busy with his input as producer. The movie’s so low key that it doesn’t even have a trailer on youtube. Feel free to share if you do find it.

Now for James Cameron. The only thing we can see in the pipeline for this white bearded director is a series of Avatar movies. I do have to admit that the first was great, albeit a very basic and repeated story, I’m not quite sure what spin he’ll put into his next installment. James Cameron’s had his run with Titanic, a once off epic that didn’t spawn a franchise, but he hasn’t really pulled in any other BIG movies since his lovely blue Navis from Avatar. With large gaps in between each film, he’s not really as active as his big screen, behind the scenes buddy J.J.Abrams.

I guess you could argue that he did have the Terminator series – being writer, director and producer of almost all of them, not to mention other iconic movies like Alien and True Lies. But that’s all he’s got. With the addition of three other films, James Cameron pales in comparison to J.J.Abrams’ 20+ productions.

But we must compare two directors based on the number of movies they’re involved with. It’s all about quality and not quantity, right? I mean, Peter Jackson’s main fame rests the same hobbits, dwarfs and elves for years, with an addition of King Kong as a filler and some indie films in between. At the end of the day, it’s the movie that matters the most. The directors are there as master puppeteers, pulling the strings to construct a fantasy world and immerse us in an emotional ride we call a movie. We don’t see them – except on the red carpet, youtube interviews and the occasional cameo in their own creations (which many of us miss, unless you’re a die hard fan).

At the end of the day, both directors are fantastic at what they do – there’s no doubt about that. But for the purposes of this directorial fight off and until James Cameron finally finishes the second Avatar movie, the winner has to be the space lovin’ J.J.Abrams.

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