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 Expresso Purronum! – magic color changing mug

We’ve all used mugs as part of our coffee and tea routines. But how many have you used that change colors? The special coat of black paint turns transparent when heated, revealing a cool Harry Potter inspired spell.

We reckon this is a great one for winter drinks and to keep those chilly nights away. Well, it’ll still be cold but at least you have an awesome mug and something to definitely keep your fingers warm.

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 Batman Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are the coolest thing in town nowadays. The only thing is, batman themed fidget spinners are an atrocity to the eyes and fandom. This fidget spinner however is like no other. Perfectly crafted to balance and spin, this bat signal looks much classier and has more attention to detail than all the other wanna-be batman fidget spinners currently out there. This fidget spinner is a great homage to DC comics and is a better representation of good design and craftsmanship.

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 Super Heroes Socks

Socks. Everyone needs socks. Socks are life. Socks free elves. Socks are everything. So why not have them super heroes themed? Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Superman and Bruce Lee – our badgers have found a range of socks for your wearing pleasure.

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Paint Your Own Bulbasaur Planter

Bring out your paints and sharpies to paint your own bulbasaur planter. Plant a small succulent or any plant of your choosing and watch as your bulbasaur grows. How cool is that? Sure, you can get the cheap 3D printed versions but they don’t have that beautiful smooth ceramic finish that our bulbasaurs have.

Put any expression on your bulbasaur, leave it on your desk or on a sunny window sill and grow your own pokemon.

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 Fountain Dip Feather Quill

Want to write in style? Looking for a gift for a stationary lover? Check out this feather quill set. It even comes with a bottle of ink! This fountain dip feather quill makes for a dramatic scene when used for a special occasion. Do a bit of calligraphy with this pen and feel awesome every time you dip your quill into the ink.

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