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Apparel – Sassy Badger


Rwar! Fear Meeee T-shirt | 2 colors available

Rwar! Fear me for I am the mighty Rwar! Throw me some catnip to sedate me or cat biscuits to be my friend.  I make no promises that I will comply with your requests but fear me! for I am the mighty rwar! 


I made a chemistry joke t-shirt

Are you a bit of a chemistry nerd? or know someone who has an affinity for science? This t-shirt makes a perfect addition to your stash of very wearable tops. Great for chemistry teachers – or just chemists in general. #scienceForever


Tea Rex Shirt / 12 Colours Available

How do you do? And would you be interested in a cup of tea? I’m sure we have some ginger biscuits as well. A classy Tea Rex can make you your perfect cup of tea. Be a classy Tea Rex today.


Trust Me, You Can Dance – Vodka – Shirt

Because Vodka knows best – so trust the Vodka – it’s only 40% alcohol. So dance away! Or give this shirt to someone you know that will definitely dance their shoes off.

From: $23.00

dance mode on Shirt / 4 Colors Available

Kick off with your grovin’ and music lovin’ with this awesome dance mode on shirt. Fabulous to wear on any occassion. Even if you need to be a little bit formal – just put on a nice blazer and away you go!  

From: $20.00

Ew People Shirt

Ew. People. There’s people everywhere. There’s people outside. There’s people at the office. There’s just a lot of people in this world. But wifi, now that’s love. Grab this shirt for yourself or your local introvert today.  

From: $21.00

Think. It’s Not Illegal Shirt

Think. It’s not i llegal. There’s too much cotton wooling in this world. Too much helicoptering. So think. Use your brain, even for a little bit.  Wear this shirt proudly. The world needs it.   

From: $18.00

Good grammar is sexy shirt / 3 Colours Available

Mmmmmm. Good grammar is so delicious smexy, did you know that? It can make a grown, educated, sassy human drool with desire and respect.

From: $18.00

I Don’t Need You I Have Memes T-Shirt

Memes are life. Who needs other humans when you’ve got memes for amusement, comfort and company?


Tank Gamer T Shirt / 2 Colours Available

Know your roles. Educate others about your role. Be a tank. Be proud to be a tank.

From: $22.00

I’m awake Shirt

I’m awake. Are you? Just telling you my current state of mind with this shirt. Maybe I’ll grab a coffee or two first, take some time off and then maybe, maybe, I’ll do something.

From: $21.00

Chubby Unicorns Tshirt / 3 Colours Available

Savew the chubby unicorns! They often get overlooked but they’re still unicorns too!

From: $23.00
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